the nitty gritty

How does Pay Pay on Performance work?

We only charge for each keyword phrase for rankings on page 1 of Google on the organic listings.

How much do keywords cost?:

keyword phrases start form £40 (pcm). If keywords fall from page 1 for more than 30 consecutive days then there is no charge until page 1 rankings are once again achieved.

What is your success rate?

Between 70 – 90 -100% of all major keywords on page 1.

How long does it take?

Do you provide a website health check?

Absolutely. Unless the site meets our requirements we will not begin work. We want the website optimised to return the best results possible from the SERPS ( search engine ranking positions). Initial advice is provided free of charge.

How long is the contract for?

The contract is for as long as required but you can cancel giving 30 days notice. No further optimisation will be carried out in support of existing keywords or any other keywords not on page 1. Should any keywords migrate on to page 1 after the 30 days notice of cancelation will not be invoiced.

What is meant by 30 days cancelation?

30 days notice is required. Thereafter search engine optimisation support will cease. Keywords remaining on page 1 will continue to be invoiced 12 months from the anniversary date each keyword achieved page 1 rankings. This is to safeguard Weblinx’s ROI. Please note that unless monthly payments are retained ranking positions are likely to fall.

Will I receive ranking & back link reports?

Yes, our services are 100% transparent and you will receive ranking reports and back link reports in order to track our work.
As a matter of policy you will be requested to:
Examine the content and anchor text with regards to Article, Social book marking and Press Releases are correct and in accordance with the product / branding regulations / service description of your industry. No work is undertaken without prior approval. One way back link reports will be delivered on a monthly bases and the client will be requested to examine all links in accordance with the above.


Owing to the continuous changes in search engine algorithms Weblinx cannot be responsible for any loss of rankings or positions owing to Google or any other search engine algorithm changes or updates in positions in the SERPS with regards to the positioning of the above links or onsite work.
Please contact us if you require any further information.